Soap-Stone: Commercial Products is currently developing optimized SOAP stacks to directly address the performance problems that have been identified using Soap-Stone. We anticipate being able to bring the performance of the SOAP protocols close to that of the HTTP and RMI protocols, or even better. Licenses for a commercial Fast Object Access Protocol (FOAP) product will start at $1000/node.

We also offer plugins for the major application server vendors for you to be able to perform your own provisioning and scalability benchmarks. A plugin-bundle for BEA WebLogic 8.x, WebSphere 5.x, and Sun Java System 8.x is available starting at $1000. These plugins immediately allow you to compare the various application server vendors for performance between EJB and SOAP protocols, and scalability for SOAP message payload size, on your own hardware and network topologies. Please contact us by email to place an order for this product.

We are also developing a multi-node version of Soap-Stone known as Soap-Farm that will allow you to provision and monitor a server-farm under various conditions. Licenses for Soap-Farm will start at $5000/cluster.

A GUI interface to Soap-Stone is also under development: this is being designed to simplify the running of scenarios, to maintain a database of previous results, and to integrate real-time display of the results without having to load the generated CSV file into a spread-sheet. If you wish to obtain early access to this product please contact us by email.

To be notified about future developments in these areas, please send email to